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Small shaft shredder

Release time: 2017/4/14 8:35:12
Small Shredder-Double Shaft Shredder
Double shaft shredder is used to crush plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, large hollow materials (large containers such as plastic buckets) and various mixed wastes, especially wastes containing metals, or pre-crushing containing silt and other materials that are easy to wear Scrap of the cutter. For example: roll film, woven bag, TV, refrigerator shell, wood, car and medium-sized car tires and hollow barrels, fishing nets, cardboard, circuit boards, etc.
Tool thickness and number of jaws can be changed according to different materials. When crushing hollow materials, it can be equipped with a press device to increase output. A rotating screen can be added to control the size of the material.
When the twin-shaft shredder runs at low speed, noise and dust can reach higher environmental protection standards.
Working principle of double shaft shredder
Double shaft shredder structure:
1. Crusher body
The main body of the equipment adopts high-quality steel plate welding stress relief treatment / integral machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under long-term heavy loads.
2. Bearing / seal
The bearing seat adopts a patented split-and-disassemble type, which can quickly remove moving knives, fixed knives, bearings and other components, which is easy to maintain and replace the knives. The unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact of broken objects and grease, and can also protect the bearings when handling liquid materials And gears.
3. Moving knife / fixed knife
The moving knife material is made of special special alloy tool steel forged blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatments and low temperature freeze heat treatment technology. The overall toughness and hardness can be repeatedly repaired and used to ensure cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife adopts patented hook-type installation to optimize the tool replacement function and make the tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.
4. Knife shaft
High-strength heavy-duty special steel is used for processing and refining, and it is more reasonable to cooperate with the tool to provide powerful power for cutting.
Technical parameters of double shaft shredder
model JL-2600 JL-1900 JL-1500 JL-1200 JL-1000 JL-600
Spindle power (kw) 4-160 * 2 4-90 * 2 4-45 * 2 4-37 * 2 4-30 * 2 4-15 * 2
Spindle speed (r / min) 16-18 14-16 14-16 18-20 18-20 18-20
Output (t / h) 25-60 10-25 8-18 6-15 5-10 2-5
Conveyor work (kw) 4-3kw 4-3kw 4-3kw no no no
Number of cutter heads (piece) 40 40 30 28 30 26
Tooth Different materials, different numbers of teeth and blades, can be customized
Cutter diameter (mm) Φ720 Φ560 Φ530 Φ372 Φ360 Φ260
Crushing size (cm) 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10a 3-10
Silo size (mm) 2425 * 1400 2300 * 2000 2000 * 2000 1400 * 1000 1200 * 1000 820 * 900
Dimensions (mm) 8200 * 4000 * 4300 8000 * 2500 * 2400 4000 * 1700 * 2400 3200 * 2000 * 1900 3000 * 2000 * 1900 2600 * 2000 * 1900
Weight (t) 36 15 12 6 5 2.5
Performance characteristics of double shaft shredder
1 Compared with single-shaft pulverizer, this machine can crush large powders, baskets, pipes, plates, wood, tires, waste metal barrels, and large roll films that are difficult to powder;
2 Designed and processed unique rotary knives in terms of thickness, shape, arrangement order, etc., with strong shearing force, sharp blades, and high efficiency crushing;
3 The precision-machined combined structure frame of the extra-thick plate, the powerful rotation axis of the large-angle hexagonal column, and the large-caliber sturdy input hopper, so you can safely put in large-scale materials
4 The cutter is made of special alloy steel, which is durable.
5 Low speed operation, low noise and less dust;
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