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How should we choose the blade of the twin-shaft shredder?

Release time: 2019/12/13 11:36:23
In the equipment produced by the two-shaft shredder manufacturers, different manufacturers have different materials for the shredder blades. For the user, the choice of a twin-shaft shredder blade is an important part of choosing the device. So what should we choose for a twin-shaft shredder blade?
First, we should first fully understand the market of shredders, see what types of shredder blades are on the market, the style of different blades and the price of the blades, and understand which two-shaft shredders are in the market The reputation in China is better, and you can also understand the actual production situation of users who purchase equipment from this manufacturer.
2. When choosing a blade, we should choose the blade that suits you according to the actual use of the twin-shaft shredder. Generally, there are many materials that can be processed by the twin-shaft shredder, and the blades suitable for different materials are also different. Therefore, when choosing, we should choose according to the properties of the shredded material.
3. For the selection of the blade, we should first look at the quality of the dual-shaft shredder blade, and then consider its price. Only after the quality is guaranteed, then the price issue. And taking into account the service issues of the manufacturer, the blade is a wearing part, and after a period of use, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Therefore, choosing a good service manufacturer can lay the foundation for our later production work.

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