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Difference between metal crusher and metal shredder

Release time: 2019/11/15 13:51:54
Metal crusher, also known as metal crusher, is a machine for crushing waste metal materials. Depending on the crushing material, it can also be called scrap iron crusher, can crusher, scrap steel crusher, paint bucket crusher, etc. These are general equipment for metal crushers. Configuring the metal crusher with a qualified production line device is a perfect set of metal crusher production line equipment.
The metal shredder is mainly a machine composed of a shredding blade group, a carrying box, a box support, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. It is mainly used to shred light and thin metals with a certain strength and increase its bulk density for easy transportation and recycling. Shred objects such as metal buckets, refrigerators, automobiles, scrap steel, steel furniture, etc.
There are three main differences between metal crushers and metal shredders:
1. Method of operation.
Most of the metal shredders are shredded by rollers, and there are many ways of metal shredders, such as hammer crushing, jaw crushing, extrusion and so on.
2. Broken material.
Since the metal crusher uses a hammer to force the material to be crushed, it is more suitable for harder materials. The shredder equipment can crush almost all materials, including hard metal materials, soft plastic products, and loose wood products.
3. Working principle
The metal crusher uses a hammer to force the material to be crushed. It has very high requirements for the material of the hammer. The shredder equipment uses a knife to shred the material. The equipment has very high requirements for the knife.

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