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Causes and Solutions of Waste Cloth Shredder

Release time: 2019/8/5 16:04:02
Causes and methods of material clogging in the waste cloth shredder:
A customer uses scrap metal materials in the waste cloth shredder equipment, which causes the waste cloth shredder to become blocked. Below we will explain the cause and treatment of the problem in detail.
Material clogging occurs in the interior cavity of the waste shredder device. This phenomenon not only affects the production process of the entire production line. In severe cases, it can also cause "death" due to material clogging, and also increase human and material resources to block the material. Cleaning up and cleaning up is not so easy and time consuming. In order to solve the problem of material clogging, most customers rack their brains and try to control this phenomenon frequently. First of all, when we solve the problem of the clogging of the waste cloth shredder, we first find out the cause of the blockage of the material inside the equipment, find out the root cause, and then it is easier to solve. As the saying goes, palliative care is not as good as the root cause. Healing is the last word.
In general, the causes of material clogging in waste cloth shredders fall into three categories.
One type belongs to too much material and is delivered into the internal cavity of the device. Too much material can easily lead to high load operation of the crushing equipment. Knife discs tear and squeeze large amounts of material together

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