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Classification and working principle of metal shredder

Release time: 2019/1/25 10:00:58
The metal shredder is mainly a machine composed of a shredding blade group, a carrying box, a box support, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. It is mainly used to shred light and thin metals with a certain strength and increase its bulk density for easy transportation and recycling. Shred objects such as metal buckets, refrigerators, automobiles, scrap steel, steel furniture, etc.
According to the number of shafts, it can be divided into: two-shaft shredder, three-shaft shredder, four-shaft shredder
The material enters the shredding box through the feeding system. The box carries a shredding blade. The material is shredded into small pieces by a combination of tearing, squeezing, and shearing.

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