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Waste paper shredder, waste paper shredder, newspaper shredding machine

Release time: 2018/10/30 9:25:11
Brief introduction of waste paper shredder, waste paper shredder:
The commonly used structures of waste paper shredder and waste paper shredder are mainly three types: single shaft, double shaft and four shaft. Waste paper shredder is a new type of pulverizing equipment developed by Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery after years of research and practice, and according to the state of wood recycling. It provides strong technical support for waste recycling and capacity reduction in China. The wood shredder reduces material size by cutting, tearing and squeezing.It can be widely used in wood, wood scraps, wooden pallets, solid wood, branch paint buckets, waste appliances shells (plastic shells, metal shells) and other large volumes. Waste.
Characteristics of waste paper shredder, waste paper shredder:
1. The equipment has low speed, high torque and no dust pollution.
2. The cutter is made of alloy material, which is durable and durable.
3. Heavy moving knife, high crushing efficiency. The moving knife and fixed knife are cast with alloy steel, which is strong and has a long service life.
4. The iron frame is thick, can resist high torque, and is very strong.
5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.
Working principle of waste paper shredder, waste paper shredder:
The material enters the shredder box through the feeding system. The box carries a shredding blade. The pushing box pushes the material to the vicinity of the blade. Small pieces of material are discharged from the screen holes.
Application scope of waste paper shredder, waste paper shredder:
, Wood: wood scraps, wooden pallets, solid wood, branches
, Barrel products: plastic bucket, metal bucket, paint bucket, IBC bucket, trash can
, Garbage: Domestic waste, medical waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, garden waste
, Plastic products: various plastic films, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans,
, Metal products: aluminum profiles, oil filters, car shells, cans, metal cans
, Paper: Newspaper, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper
, Electronics: refrigerator, circuit board, laptop computer case, TV case, CD dish
, Glass products: glass wool, glass cup, glass bottle
, Rubber: tires, various rubber products
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