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Working principle of double shaft shredder

Release time: 2018/5/17 8:31:37
Today, we will talk about the two working principles of the twin-shaft shredder . I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Here we want to remind everyone that choosing the most appropriate level is still the most suitable.
First: It adopts dual-axis or single-axis low-speed rotation, and uses a cutter head to cut, cut, tear, and pull the material. The directly connected worm gear motor is directly installed on the driving shaft of the shredder, and is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear transmission, so that the movable knife of the driving shaft and the stationary cutter head on the casing form relative movement. The spiral tooth cutters on the driving shaft are staggered, so that after the material enters, it is simultaneously squeezed, torn, and sheared, so that the material is broken.
Second: The high-speed rotating impeller is used to tear and break the long biaxial chips. The high-speed rotating main shaft is connected with a plurality of circular steel plates in series, and the circular plate rotates in conjunction with the main shaft. Around the disc are 4 to 6 small gears made of manganese steel. The pinion rotates freely on its own small shaft. Long and tangled biaxial chips enter the machine from the top port, are twisted by the gears on the steel plate rotating at high speed, and are torn into small pieces. The particle size is selected.
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