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What is the main use of the slime after the slime drying equipment?

Release time: 2018/1/11 8:53:46
The slime dryer adopts the new technology of crushing and dispersing the slime first and then drying it thermally, so that the slime treatment is realized continuously, industrially, and automatically. After the slime drying process, the moisture of the slime can be reduced from 25% to 28% to about 12%. Due to the introduction of pre-crushing, dispersing, dispersing, and anti-sticking processes in the slime drying process, the drying efficiency of the slime has been greatly improved, and it has brought new vitality to the slime drying industry.
The slime treated by the slime dryer can be mainly used in the following areas:
1. Processing slime briquette as raw material for industrial boilers or residents' daily use.
2. As a fuel for the foundry industry of power plants, improve fuel utilization, reduce production costs and increase economic returns.
3. As a brick factory additive, it can improve the hardness and compressive strength of bricks.
4. As a cement plant additive to improve cement performance.
5. Coal slime containing certain specific ingredients can be used as chemical raw materials, small investment and big return, to realize your dream of quickly starting a business and getting rich.
The test requirements of slime dryers before work are still very necessary. So what are the requirements for the inspection of slime dryers before work?
1. Testing requirements and conditions of slime dryer before work. Measurement purpose, selection of measured physical quantity, measurement range, maximum value of input signal and bandwidth, measurement accuracy requirements, time requirements for measurement, etc.
2. Sensor performance. Accuracy, stability, response speed, nature of output, load effect caused by the object being measured, correction period, input end protection, etc.
3. Conditions of use. Installation conditions, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) of the work site, measurement time, required capacity of the slime dryer, connection with other equipment, spare parts and maintenance services, etc.

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