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  • Dryer
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  • Zhengzhou Shuguang dryer equipment adopts self-aligning tug structure. The cooperation between the tug and the roller ring greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. It adopts automatic control device and only needs to be adjusted through the control panel ...
  • Dry powder mixer
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  • Zhengzhou Shuguang Dry Powder Mixer is not only able to mix materials with strong scattering properties, but also can mix materials with poor scattering properties and strong adhesion. Reasonable design, stable performance, operation ...
  • Coulter mixer
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  • Zhengzhou Shuguang Coulter Mixer can be installed with a variety of components. Commonly used components are coiled steam jacket, high-speed flying knife, temperature detection, dust removal and purification, etc. The discharge valve is installed at the bottom of the cylinder, ...
  • Tire shredder
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  • Zhengzhou Shuguang tire shredder adopts high hardness and wear-resistant alloy electrode surfacing blade edge, long service life, can be used for repeated repair and sharpening, and adopts cycloid pinwheel reducer, which has large bearing capacity ...
  • Metal shredder
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  • Zhengzhou Shuguang Metal Shredder is used in metal buckets, thin metals, refrigerators, automobiles, scrap steel, and steel furniture. Using microcomputer control, with the function of automatic reversal when blocked, ...
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