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Tire shredder

Release time: 2017/4/27 13:37:49
Waste tire recycling and milling process:
Waste tires → Tire drawing machine → Tire shredder → Secondary crushing → Third crushing → Fiber separator → Rubber mill → Screening machine → Finished product → Silo → Finished product baler
Tire shredder
Tire Shredder Production Line Introduction:
The tire shredder is mainly suitable for grinding tires, wire tires, steel tires (radial tires) and various waste rubber products or scraps to make them into rubber powder and achieve the required fineness (mesh number).
Application areas:
l. Laying of sports grounds: runways, school sports grounds, swimming pools and garden paths, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten sports and entertainment grounds, tennis and basketball courts.
2. Automotive industry: strips, floor mats for trains, brake disc ribbons, floors for cars and trucks, brake linings, seals, bumpers, shock absorbers, underbody seals for cars and stainless steel, splash and dirt , Marine daily raw materials, tires and tire inner pads.
3. Construction / equipment: Adhesives / sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom floors, insulating rubber materials, carpet pads, livestock grass mats, extruded products, waste brake surfaces, mold products, coatings, dams, warehouses, ponds, Waste treatment stations, brick top liners and coverings, raised flooring, house signs, sheets, waterproofing materials, shockproofing, gaskets, roofing and wall waterproofing materials.
4. Geotechnical / asphalt applications: drainage pipes, rubber-treated asphalt for road and lane laying, filters, soil conditioning / pavement covering, porous flush pipes, race tracks, railway crossings, traffic / sidewalk obstacles, Railway crack joint sealant road construction and repair shipping
5. Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products.
Video of Tire Shredder:
Fineness application:
8 to 20 meshes: mainly used in runways, road cushions, pads, lawns, paving elastic layers, sports field paving, etc .;
30 ~ 40 mesh: It is mainly used in the production of recycled rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, and production of rubber sheet;
40 ~ 60 mesh: It is called fine rubber powder, which is used for rubber rubber filling and plastic modification.
60 ~ 80 mesh: It is called fine rubber powder, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, construction materials, etc .;
Tire shredder structure principle:
A complete tire crusher production line handles waste tires and miscellaneous rubber at room temperature. The equipment is equipped with air-water cooling system, micro-dust removal device, atomizing spray system, etc. In addition, independent dust removal and fiber removal equipment can be added according to the user's special raw materials. .
Safety rules:
1. After starting, when the standby device reaches normal operation, it is allowed to feed crops evenly and continuously.
2. Pay attention to the motor speed, sound and bearing temperature during operation.
3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, the sleeves of the clothes should be tightened, and wear a mask and a work cap.
4. When feeding, pay attention to whether there are hard objects such as stones, sickle, tool screws in the input, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accidents.
5. Do not hang the belt, oiling, cleaning and troubleshooting when the machine is rotating.
6. If the following problems are found, the engine should be shut down, and the machine should be shut down. ① The motor smokes, ② is blocked, ③ the crushing quality is not good, ④ the bearing is overheated and exceeds 60 degrees.
Rubber tire crusher
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