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Construction waste automatic sorting machine, domestic construction waste sorting equipment

Release time: 2019/9/3 14:40:11
Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery has introduced high-quality complete sets of equipment and experience in construction waste treatment production lines, and is actively engaged in the research and development, development and promotion of them. It has gradually established multiple construction waste treatment production line experimental bases throughout the country and achieved very good returns. In the field of domestic construction waste treatment production line equipment and cooperation mode exploration and exploration, has been on the road.
Domestic construction waste sorting equipment
Construction waste treatment production line
Adapted materials: construction waste
Application area: It can be widely used in the treatment and recycling of urban construction waste and the construction of roads and bridges.
Equipment configuration: impact mobile crusher, mobile screening station.
Construction waste processing production line process:
The construction waste generated after the building is demolished by blasting is pretreated to reach the granularity that can enter the crusher, and then sent by the excavator to the vibratory feeder. The small waste is pre-screened by the feeder and discharged. The crusher is crushed. An iron remover is placed on the top of the conveyor belt to break the material. The steel bars in the construction waste are separated. After that, the materials enter the mobile screening station for screening. To each finished product pile.
Common equipment for construction waste treatment production line
Performance of construction waste treatment production line:
In addition to the feeding system, crushing system, screening system, and transportation system, the mobile construction waste processing production line is equipped with self-sufficient power units according to the mobility of mobile operations. According to different crushing and screening operations, the structure of the equipment is also different.
1. Improve the utilization rate of equipment, have good mobility, and extend along with the site;
2. Save production costs: reduce the high cost of construction waste transportation;
3. Convenient installation: save installation cost and installation adjustment manpower;
4. Convenient maintenance: it can be checked and repaired directly to the repair shop;
5. Simplify the production process: Push forward along with the mining surface, and simplify the transportation link.
Status of domestic construction waste
With the continuous acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in China, the generation and discharge of construction waste is also growing at a high speed. According to statistics, the total discharge of construction waste in China has increased from 40 million tons per year to 400 million tons per year. Therefore, the industry agrees that the peak of China's construction waste discharge has arrived.
Shanmei's comprehensive set of construction waste comprehensive utilization equipment includes mobile and stationary types, which has a good treatment effect on solid waste such as construction waste, concrete equipment, etc., and an average of millions of tons of construction waste per hour is effectively deal with. Can achieve the purpose of reducing construction waste, recycling and harmless.
Wide application of construction waste recycling products
The complete set of equipment for the construction waste treatment production line can regenerate construction waste into road structural layer materials, energy-saving thermal insulation wall materials, sidewalk permeable materials, and municipal facilities composite materials.
(1) Recycled aggregate market:
The development of urban construction has entered a rapid development. The cement industry has repeatedly expanded new large-scale production lines. Roads, railways, water conservancy projects and other projects have started to increase in number, which has led to oversupply of commercial concrete. Aggregates as raw materials have maintained a good relationship between supply and demand.
(2) Ready-mixed mortar market:
The production of ready-mixed mortar from recycled aggregates is not much different from traditional mortars in production equipment and labor capacity. Because the price of recycled aggregates is lower than natural mortar products, and the transportation distance will be greatly shortened, the strength level of mortar is not high. The amount and the amount of admixtures are slightly changed, but the difference is not very large. As the recycled aggregate accounts for more than 50% of the total weight of the mortar, it can meet the provisions of the comprehensive resource utilization policy to reduce income tax. Therefore, the profit margin per ton of production of ready-mixed mortar products from recycled aggregates of the same strength level is much larger than that of ordinary ready-mixed mortar factories.
(3) Recycled concrete products market:
The main products of recycled materials are: concrete blocks and concrete plates.
Waste concrete and waste bricks in construction waste can be used to make recycled bricks and blocks, and non-sintered products should use cement as the cementitious material, mixed with appropriate recycled coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and powder. The basic production process includes: sorting, crushing, metering and batching, stirring, vibration pressing, curing, inspection and delivery. At present, recycled bricks and concrete blocks are often used for load-bearing walls of low-rise buildings and non-load-bearing infill walls of high-rise buildings.
Concrete bricks made of construction waste have a strength higher than 20% of national standards. It can be made into sidewalk bricks and wall bricks. The price of bricks made of construction waste is significantly lower than that of clay bricks, which effectively saves land resources.
There are standards to follow in the production and performance of products. In recent years, China has issued relevant standards: "Ordinary Concrete Small Hollow Blocks" (GB8239-1997), "Light Aggregate Concrete Small Hollow Blocks" (GB15229-2002), "Decorative concrete blocks" (JC / T641-2008), the technology is mature.
Domestic construction waste sorting equipment
Mobile crusher equipment is a good helper for solving construction waste
Construction waste disposal approval
Mobile construction waste disposal equipment
Mobile crusher equipment improves construction waste treatment efficiency
Several advantages of mobile crusher for construction waste
Mobile crusher is also one of the equipment for processing construction waste

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