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Construction waste sorting machine

Release time: 2019/8/27 14:16:12
Construction waste sorting machine is also known as construction waste separator, construction waste sorter, construction waste screening machine. Its functions are well known. The characteristics of construction waste are complex components, such as cement blocks, bricks, soil, light organic matter (plastic , Fiber, wood, etc.), these components have a large difference in softness and hardness. It is difficult to separate the various components with traditional processing methods. The final product is also unstable due to the complex composition and limited use places. How to effectively separate the mixed materials in the construction waste is the key and difficult point of recycling the construction waste. These problems are no longer a big problem in Shuguang Heavy Industry's construction waste sorting machine.
The construction waste sorting machine is also known as the construction waste separator. Its main function is to separate various materials mixed in the construction waste for further processing.
Process flow chart of construction waste screening equipment
The working principle of construction waste sorting machine:
1. The construction waste sorting machine uses a separating device for bricks and concrete blocks in the material, which includes a casing, and a frame is fixed in the casing. The frame is installed in the casing through a support provided at the bottom;
2. An eccentric vibration mechanism and a sieve plate are installed on the frame. The eccentric vibration mechanism is located below the sieve plate and connected to the sieve plate through a hinged transmission rod. The eccentric vibration mechanism is connected to the motor. vibration;
3. The brick discharge port is connected to the lower end of the sieve plate, and the concrete discharge port is connected to the higher end of the sieve plate. The brick discharge port and the lower end of the concrete discharge port are protruded from the housing;
4. The lower part of the construction waste sorting rack is fixed with an air blowing device;
5. The housing above the rack is equipped with a feed inlet and a drain outlet;
6. The construction waste sorting machine can realize the layering and relative movement of bricks and concrete blocks in the construction waste recycling materials, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic sorting.
Significance of use of construction waste sorting machine:
1. Sorting must be carried out before the construction waste is processed and reused. The useful ingredients are sorted out and used, and the harmful ingredients are separated.
2. According to the physical or chemical properties of construction waste (including particle size, density, gravity, magnetic, electrical, elasticity, etc.), different sorting methods are used, including screening, gravity and ringworm Photoelectric ringworm friction and elastic sorting and the simplest and most effective manual sorting.
Construction waste sorting production line
Construction waste sorting production line
Outstanding advantages
1. Functions include sorting, conveying, winnowing, recycling, etc.
2. A set of pretreatment can be equipped with one or more garbage microbial treatment equipment. The processing capacity per hour is 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and other specifications. Other specifications can be customized as required.
3. Humanized garbage sorting (customized) platform to further screen construction and domestic garbage.
4. It adopts variable frequency speed control to convey materials, low speed and high torque crushing and pressing, and low noise operation.
5. When encountering a large solid object, the PLC automatically controls the forward and reverse rotation, and comes with an alarm to avoid failure.
The construction waste sorting station can separate the waste cloth, plastic bags and other debris in the construction waste recycled aggregate, and can also remove large and medium-sized wooden blocks and plastic stool waste. After two screenings, the impurity separation rate was 98%. With the rapid development of the domestic construction industry, during the construction process, a large amount of construction waste is generated, and urban construction waste is effectively recycled. The construction waste crushing station is a high-quality disposal method for construction waste. The mobile construction waste crushing station is flexible and convenient, and has strong mobility, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs. It can crush the materials on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thereby greatly reducing the material transportation costs. Production of crushing, screening, conveying and other rock crushing and mineral processing equipment.
Construction waste sorting machine
Construction waste treatment equipment parameters:
Construction waste treatment equipment parameters
Construction waste sorting machine
Stationary construction waste processing equipment consists of a complete set of crushing and screening production lines, including special crushers for construction waste, vibrating screens, and conveyors. Treatment and processing of concrete, waste bricks, stones, etc. in construction waste, so as to achieve resource reuse. Transit Shuguang has developed stationary construction waste treatment equipment for many years, with quality assurance, and can provide resource-based design solutions according to the actual situation of customers.

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