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Plastic film shredder

Release time: 2018/10/15 10:13:33
Film shredder
The film shredder is also called a plastic film shredder . The plastic shredder is low in price and good in quality. The film shredder can also be called a plastic film shredder, which is a mechanical device for shredding plastic films.
Plastic film shredder
The continuous crushing production of woven bags provides the most ideal solution. In this process, the waste woven bag is directly sent to the new woven bag shredder by machinery, and the main shaft is driven by a motor-driven reducer. The woven bag of the bundle is shredded, and the woven bag is separated from the debris (stones, etc.) through a separation sink
Production capacity: 400-6000kg / hour
Applicable materials: Suitable for new-type film, woven bags, fishing nets, tires and other multi-purpose woven bag shredders; can be used agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bag, space bag, food bag, cement bag, waste fishing net, etc. Recycling of raw materials
Application: suitable for multi-purpose woven bag shredders such as new films, woven bags, fishing nets, tires, etc.
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product description
1. Power distribution box: The transmission gear has a long service life after forging and high-frequency quenching.
2. Fixed knife: The fixed knife acts as a material guide and can prevent the material from being brought back after being broken, and clean the blade.
3. Fixed knife fixed frame: fixed fixed knife function, optimizing tool replacement function, making tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.
4. Sealing: The unique sealing structure can completely protect the machine even when processing liquid materials
5. Bearing block: The bearing block adopts split type, which can quickly remove the cutter shaft, blade, sealing system, bearing, and other components, and it is easy to maintain and replace the tool.
6. Moving knife: D2 is used for overall quenching and tempering after multiple heat treatments. The hardness and toughness of the tool material are the same inside and outside, with high strength and service life. The tool can be used repeatedly. Based on the original thickness, the bluntness is removed by proportion. The tool of Bianling can still be used.
7. Knife shaft: It adopts high-strength materials and then mills the hexagonal shape after high-frequency treatment after quenching and tempering, and it is not afraid of damage due to the force of the tool.
8. The feeding hopper and frame can be designed reasonably according to customer requirements.
One: Fully automatic power distribution cabinet is equipped with start, forward, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions to prevent the motor from burning out due to overload operation.
Second: The box body is formed by one-time casting steel process, no welding seam, strong torque resistance, and the box body will never crack.
Three: strong power, large shred strength, wide working range, high output and no noise.
Four: The internal blade can be changed according to the user's requirements for the finished product size.
Outstanding advantages
Simple structure and strong crushing force
Adopting advanced crushing technology and digital processing equipment, the internal structure is precise and the crushing capacity is enhanced.
Low noise and dust
Strictly meet national environmental protection standards, low noise, and equipped with dust removal equipment to reduce dust generation and pollution.
Easy operation and maintenance
The equipment is easy to operate during use, convenient and fast maintenance work, and reduced downtime.
high productivity
Deep cavity crushing has no dead zone and no material blocking phenomenon. The energy saving of a single machine is 15% -30%, and the energy saving of the system is more than doubled.
Manufacturing advanced, compression-resistant and wear-resistant
The parts are made of high-quality materials, the moving jaw is made of cast steel, and the eccentric shaft is made of forged billet, which enhances the pressure resistance and wear resistance.
Wide range of applications
The discharge opening has a wide adjustment range, a reasonable structure, and a small footprint, which can meet various processing needs of users.
working principle
The continuous crushing production of woven bags provides the most ideal solution. In this process, the waste woven bag is directly sent to the new woven bag shredder by machinery. The motor → the transmission reducer → the transmission spindle, the N moving knives installed on the spindle and the fixed knives installed on the frame Tear the whole bundle of woven bags, and separate the woven bag from the debris (stones, etc.) through the separation tank to reach the recyclable raw materials.
The film shredder can also be called a plastic film shredder, which is a mechanical device for shredding plastic films. The film shredder produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery has advanced technology and excellent quality. There will be no entanglement in the working process, high output, low energy consumption and low price.
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New film shredder effectively recycles waste plastic
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