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Scrap steel shredder

Release time: 2018/10/13 15:06:21
The scrap steel shredder is fully in line with China's national conditions, which improves the secondary utilization rate of scrap steel. The large scrap steel shredder can shred large pieces into small pieces of 5-10 cm by cutting and tearing some scrap metal. For later production processing. Is the step of metal recycling. The metal shredder is researched and developed by manufacturers after years of hard work, introducing advanced foreign technology, and integrating the existing domestic crusher technology. It has a first-class technical level and has domestic characteristics. For the various characteristics of metals, The crusher produced is suitable for domestic users.
Scrap steel shredder
The scrap steel shredder is generally equipped with a large motor, so when the material is broken, the base may vibrate, so it is best to fix the base on the cement road. After the equipment is installed, you must check the screws of each part. Be sure to keep the screws moving forward to avoid unnecessary injuries.
The main wearing parts of the scrap steel shredder are the hammer head and the hook knife. The hook knife is mainly responsible for hooking the material into the crushing cavity and protecting the spindle. The hammer head is responsible for hitting the material. The hammer head and the hook knife are attached to the rotor disk. The main shaft is driven to achieve crushing. Generally, the hammer head and the hook knife are the main wearing parts to be replaced. When replacing, the hammer head can be removed by removing the small shaft worn on the rotor disk. The hook knife is fixed on both sides of the rotor disk by screws. Just remove the screws.
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