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Scrap iron shredder

Release time: 2018/10/13 9:11:44
Scrap iron shredder is a kind of shredder. It is a machine used to shred scrap iron materials. It is a medium-sized metal shredder. It can shred waste bicycles, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, computer hard disks, motherboards, tin cans, aluminum cans, waste aluminum products, light bulbs, waste paint buckets, cans, beer bottle caps, etc. Greatly facilitate transportation, reduce transportation costs and facilitate reprocessing.
A type scrap iron shredder is used for crushing fragile metal materials such as pig iron powder, alloys, ferrosilicon powder, bottle caps, cans, circuit boards, waste mobile phone batteries, etc. Scrap iron shredder This machine can crush all kinds of scraps, and can be equipped with magnetic rollers to separate aluminum and iron mixed scraps, which has the advantage of small shred size. The scrap iron shredder is a low-speed machine that cuts and pulls materials with a cutter head. It has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise, and wear resistance.
B-type scrap iron shredder can shred all kinds of waste paint buckets, cans, pots and pans, scrap iron sheets, aluminum profiles, copper rods, tubes, circuit boards and other light and thin materials. It is mainly used for briquetting and smelting. , Shredded and other industries.
Scrap Iron Shredder About the structure and principle of the scrap iron shredder, our factory quotes the relevant parameters and content descriptions of the scrap iron shredder products to answer your questions. The remaining gasoline shredder is effectively separated. If you are interested in this product, you can Click the scrap iron shredder directly to jump. As the name implies, the scrap iron shredder uses two sets of rotors with shredder blades to rotate relative to each other in the machine cavity, and uses the principle of shrinking the angle between the two axes to squeeze the material into the machine cavity. Due to the special design of the blades, The material after the angle between the two axes is fixed by the edges of the blade to further create the conditions for the shrinkage of the angle. After the material is forced to reach the material yield strength, the material begins to break between the blades, thereby completing the shredding effect. During the operation of the scrap iron shredder, the material passes through the feeding device or the manual input equipment. The wood shredder eventually rotates the material into the shaft with the differential rotation.
Scrap iron shredder
Waste iron shredder working video
The steps and precautions of the large scrap iron shredder in use. Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise. It is a company specializing in electric power and city scrap iron shredders. Great achievements have been made in technical projects such as air dust removal, ash removal, and energy-saving drying equipment. Relying on technical cooperation with universities and research institutions, we have successfully developed energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, high-efficiency sorting equipment, and material drying equipment. The strategic layout of environmental protection technology and equipment demonstration and promotion in the power, metallurgy, and small and medium boilers has been realized.
Application of scrap iron shredder
● Shred unqualified products into smaller pieces for recycling.
● Reduce the volume of raw materials for mixing with other materials.
● Shred organic matter to make biofuel.
● Shred some textile materials to facilitate the reuse of fibers, such as shredding of carpets.
Shredder Features
Compared with other crushers, shredders are characterized by low rotation speed, low noise and low energy consumption.
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Scrap shredder video
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