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Double shaft crusher

Release time: 2018/10/11 8:46:54
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Product introduction :
Double-shaft crusher reduces material size by cutting, tearing and squeezing. The sg series shredder produced by our company has been researched and practiced for many years, and has been improved according to the actual situation in China. Processing provides reliable quality equipment. This machine can be widely used in wood, wood scraps, wooden pallets, solid wood, paint buckets for branches, waste electrical appliances shells (plastic shells, metal shells) and other large-volume waste.
Double shaft crusher
Double shaft crusher display :
Double shaft crusher
Working principle of double shaft crusher :
The motor drives the reducer to drive through the bevel gear, which drives the rotor shear plate to rotate at low speed. After the material enters, it is evenly distributed in the space between the rotor shear plate and the stator shear plate. The material is crushed and crushed by the rotor shear plate and the stator shear plate. The crushed material is discharged from the bottom of the crusher.
Double shaft crusher
Video of Double Shaft Crusher :
Tire shredder video
Performance characteristics of double shaft crusher :
1. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Advanced product design and reasonable structure.
3. Large shearing force and fine particle size.
Small double shaft crusher
4. Low speed, stable and reliable use.
5. Adjustable discharge granularity, wide application range.
6. The bearings are cooled by water circulation and have a long service life.
7. Shear plate has less wear and long life.
Technical parameters :
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