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Waste cloth shredder

Release time: 2017/11/28 10:27:56
【a brief introdction】
Waste cloth shredder is a 5.5KW driven shredder that can be used to shred many soft materials. For example: waste clothes, waste cloth, non-woven fabrics, textile fibers, waste wood, waste plastic, waste cardboard, Waste paper, sponges, etc.
Waste cloth shredder
[Equipment parts]:
Crushing chamber
Blade set
3. Motors and electrical systems
5. Rack
6. Feeding conveyor
7. Discharge conveyor
Can be equipped with magnetic separation and separation mechanism.
Product features: Low investment and running costs
Our shredder has the following characteristics: large output, strong power, high efficiency, high safety, and stable operation. The waste cloth shredder is our fist product. The whole machine is equipped with the most secure protection system. It has an anti-seize function to protect the blade from damage. We also designed a lubrication system for the equipment to ensure that the gears are lubricated and protected under long-term operation.
Simpler operation and maintenance
Our crushing box is fastened with hexagon socket bolts, which can easily disassemble the crushing box and remove the blade set.
Our equipment uses PIUU system to help repair and maintenance.
Energy saving and environmental protection without pollution
The equipment has low vibration and low noise value.
Some characteristic advantages of the device
● The device is equipped with an overload protection function, which can prevent the machine from being damaged due to overload.
● The blade is made of hard alloy steel with high wear resistance and high strength.
● The structure of the frame is strong. The main frame is made of rectangular tube, which has greater strength and high stability.
● Adopt SKF brand bearing, which can bear greater impact force.
● The crushing chamber is welded by high-strength steel plates and heat treated for longer life and greater strength.
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