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Electric car shredder, scrapped electric car shredder price is transparent

Release time: 2017/11/28 10:26:40
Through continuous innovation and development, Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Manufacturers have established not only to provide high-quality electric car shredder equipment, timely repair of user equipment failures, but to formulate a user-friendly machine equipment selection plan from pre-sales, Provide high-quality products, patient and thoughtful user training, timely and effective fault repair, and test and solve difficult processing problems on behalf of users, and help users to be proficient in operations.
Electric car shredder
Electric car shredder, scrap electric car shredder suitable for crushing bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, color steel tiles, compartment panels, keel color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap steel, steel pipes, steel slag, steel bars, scrap Stainless steel, steel furniture, steel plate, steel scrap, steel wire, pipe wire rope, car cab, file cabinet, safe, car stable, packing briquetting, metal cans, various scrap iron and steel scrap, briquetting, paint bucket, oil drum , Diesel buckets, string paint buckets, car fuel tanks, car water tanks, bicycle racks, used bicycles, used TVs, old appliances, used gasoline barrels, copper and aluminum water tanks, aluminum alloys, waste steel bars, scrap aluminum, automotive radiators, etc. Crushing of medium-sized scrap metal, the output size ranges from 5 to 100mm, the shape is powder, granular, spherical, and can be adjusted according to user requirements.
Waste electric car shredder
For electric vehicle shredders and scrapped electric vehicle crushers, the safe operation should follow the following rules: 1. After the start-up and the standby device has reached normal operation, the crops are allowed to be fed evenly and continuously. 2. Pay attention to the speed of the motor, thresher, sound and bearing temperature during operation. 3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, the sleeves of the clothes should be tightened, and wear a mask and a work cap. 4. When feeding, pay attention to whether there are hard objects such as stones, sickle, tool screws in the grain, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accidents. 5. It is not allowed to hang the belt, oil, clean up and troubleshoot the machine during the rotation. 6. If the following problems are found, the engine should be shut down, and the machine should be shut down. ① The motor smokes, ② is blocked, ③ the crushing quality is not good, ④ the bearing is overheated and exceeds 60 degrees.
After-sales service: Pre-sales service: provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machine, equipment selection plan formulation, design and manufacture products according to your special requirements. Sale service: accompany you to complete the equipment acceptance, assist in the formulation of the construction plan and detailed procedures. After-sales service: The company sends technical personnel to the site to guide installation, commissioning, and on-site training of operators.
Product quality: Except for wearing parts, the quality is guaranteed within one year.
  • 双轴撕碎机

    Twin shaft shredder

    Double-shaft shredder, also known as double-shaft shredder or shearing machine shredder, uses a microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, which has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. , Extra thick and fragile materials.
    Price of twin shaft shredder: 7500-980,000 yuan
  • 金属撕碎机

    Metal shredder

    Large-scale metal shredder equipment specializes in shredding metal buckets, color steel plates, scrap steel and scrap iron crushing, cans shredding, shredding metal pipes, and shredding of used home appliances. After shredding, it is easy to transport and recycle.
    Metal shredder price: 9500-80000 yuan
  • 塑料撕碎机

    Plastic shredder small shredder equipment

    Plastic shredder is also called plastic shredder or plastic shredder. It is an environmental protection equipment for plastic recycling machinery. It is used to shred high-density polyethylene HDPE plastic products and materials.
    Price of plastic shredder: 9300-98000 yuan
  • 轮胎撕碎机

    Tire shredder

    The tire shredder manufacturer is specially designed for shredding and recycling of used tires, which is convenient for transportation and greatly reduces the recycling cost. It is a professional waste tire processing equipment. Can be used to scrap various automobile tires, rubber tires, rubber products, etc., very convenient and efficient.
    Tire shredder price: 8000-98000 yuan
  • 木材撕碎机

    Wood shredder [wood shredder]

    Wood shredder equipment is a new type of wood crushing equipment developed according to the status of wood recycling. The main raw materials for shredding are miscellaneous wood, scraps, solid wood, wooden pallets, tree techniques, waste wood, and can also be used to shred irregular wood and furniture. Wood shredder video
    Price of wood shredder: 7500-85600 yuan
  • 单轴撕碎机

    Single shaft shredder

    The single-shaft shredder uses close-packed small blade knife rollers, and is equipped with a hydraulic pushing box, a forced blanking plate and other mechanisms. Product parameters
  • Scrap iron shredder

    Scrap iron shredder

  • Paint bucket shredder

    Paint bucket shredder

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