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Gasoline barrel shredder

Release time: 2017/11/28 10:25:15
Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides gasoline barrel shredder production machinery.
Gasoline barrel shredder
The metal shredder is just adapted to this development trend and is in line with China's related policies on the environment and resources. Removal of harmful substances such as machine paint and oil pollution to meet the requirements of remelting and smelting, reducing the number of steel refining times, thereby increasing the economic value of metals.
When buying metal shredder equipment, choose Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery. It is a manufacturer that has been engaged in the manufacturing and processing of metal shredders and supporting equipment for many years. It can be said that the sturdy, the most scientific and effective method of saving resources can also be said that the metal crusher can do it. It uses waste formwork and construction waste to produce metal debris, and has achieved the principle of sustainable development.
Oil drum shredder
The metal shredder is prone to some small faults when working, but there are many reasons. Let's analyze the causes of the faults:
1. Cantilevered parts. After disassembly, it was found that the sliding bearing of the suspension shaft was dead, and there was a large amount of sludge in the suspension shaft cavity. The reason is that the gap between the air outlets is large, and the air pressure in the cavity of the suspension shaft is smaller than that in the grinding cavity, so that dust enters the cavity of the suspension shaft.
2. Grinding cavity. After shutdown, the grinding chamber was opened. The manufacturer of the gasoline barrel shredder used a manual disc to find that some of the rollers did not rotate, and the rollers and grinding rings were broken. Analysis was caused by poor lubrication of the roller bearings. The grid is processed according to the technical requirements on the figure. After processing, non-destructive testing of each pin is required. Gasoline barrel shredder manufacturers
3. In order to ensure that the force of each pin is uniform, the heavy-duty gasoline barrel shredder needs to reprocess the pin holes of the motor pair wheel and the compressor flywheel.
4. Ensure the assembly accuracy of the coupling and the concentricity requirements of the motor and compressor, formulate a reasonable disassembly and assembly scheme, and use a torque wrench to evenly lock the pins when tightening.
5. After adopting the above measures, the reforming of the c1101 compressor runs smoothly, the coupling pin has not broken any more, and the equipment has hidden dangers.

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