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Steel pin shredder, steel shredder

Release time: 2017/8/2 9:15:49
China's steel pin shredding machinery industry will usher in great development opportunities, which are mainly reflected in three aspects:
1. China's crushing machinery market has become a hotspot for international equipment manufacturers. Due to the rapid replacement of crushing machinery, especially the life of small crushers is only three or five years, the annual replacement of crushers in China is about the demand for crushers. 20% of the total, providing a strong driving force for the rapid development of crushing machinery; Second, infrastructure construction has become one of the current top tasks, and a large amount of construction waste will be generated during the infrastructure construction process. At present, China's construction waste has accounted for 35% of the total municipal waste. The steel pin shredder manufacturer has calculated based on the standard of 550 tons / 10,000 square meters. By 2020, China will also add about 30 billion square meters of building area. Crushing machinery will play a significant role in the process of recycling construction waste. Third, the new 10-year plan for the western development and post-disaster reconstruction will trigger a large demand for crushing machinery. As the country continues to expand domestic demand, the pace of infrastructure construction will increase. Will drive the booming development of the crushing machinery industry. How to use the twin-shaft shredder Shredder: 1: The installation base of the body must be firm and flat to prevent the body from being broken due to uneven force. 2: Before the test run, it is necessary to check whether the fastening screws are tightened. The steel pin shredder manufacturer is flexible in turning the pulley by hand. If it is found to be abnormal, it should be discharged before the test run. 3: The test run must be carried out with no load. During the empty test, rotate the small handwheel to check whether the adjustment mechanism is flexible. It can be used without any abnormality for half an hour. 4: The hardness of the broken material should not exceed the rated hardness, so as not to speed up the damage of the parts and reduce the life. 5: For the convenience of discharging, the installation height of the whole machine can be appropriately increased during installation. 6: Check the motor and bearing every 2h to determine whether the operation is normal. The motor temperature must not exceed 60 degrees, and the bearing temperature must not exceed 70 degrees. Check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose. 7: During the normal operation of the crusher, control the input of materials, and overload operation is strictly prohibited. 8: Check the lubrication of the bearing, and whether the link of the thrust plate has enough grease to ensure the lubrication is intact. With the practice and use of customers in recent years, the shredder equipment has become an indispensable environmental protection machinery and equipment for the crushing of domestic waste. Pin shredder manufacturers, shredders can not only shred wood, plates, plastics, rubber products, etc., metal items can also be four years old, such as bicycles, cans, paint buckets, color steel tiles, car shells, old appliances , TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other waste materials can be used shredder to shredder, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling waste materials, shredder is a new type of environmental protection equipment in China to save native resources, energy saving and emission reduction.
Steel pin shredder, steel shredder, steel shaving shredder, steel pin shredder manufacturer
  • 双轴撕碎机

    Twin shaft shredder

    Double-shaft shredder, also known as double-shaft shredder or shearing machine shredder, uses a microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, which has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. , Extra thick and fragile materials.
    Price of twin shaft shredder: 7500-980,000 yuan
  • 金属撕碎机

    Metal shredder

    Large-scale metal shredder equipment specializes in shredding metal buckets, color steel plates, scrap steel and scrap iron crushing, cans shredding, shredding metal pipes, and shredding of used home appliances. After shredding, it is easy to transport and recycle.
    Metal shredder price: 9500-80000 yuan
  • 塑料撕碎机

    Plastic shredder small shredder equipment

    Plastic shredder is also called plastic shredder or plastic shredder. It is an environmental protection equipment for plastic recycling machinery. It is used to shred high-density polyethylene HDPE plastic products and materials.
    Price of plastic shredder: 9300-98000 yuan
  • 轮胎撕碎机

    Tire shredder

    The tire shredder manufacturer is specially designed for shredding and recycling of used tires, which is convenient for transportation and greatly reduces the recycling cost. It is a professional waste tire processing equipment. Can be used to scrap various automobile tires, rubber tires, rubber products, etc., very convenient and efficient.
    Tire shredder price: 8000-98000 yuan
  • 木材撕碎机

    Wood shredder [wood shredder]

    Wood shredder equipment is a new type of wood crushing equipment developed according to the status of wood recycling. The main raw materials for shredding are miscellaneous wood, scraps, solid wood, wooden pallets, tree techniques, waste wood, and can also be used to shred irregular wood and furniture. Wood shredder video
    Price of wood shredder: 7500-85600 yuan
  • 单轴撕碎机

    Single shaft shredder

    The single-shaft shredder uses close-packed small blade knife rollers, and is equipped with a hydraulic pushing box, a forced blanking plate and other mechanisms. Product parameters
  • Scrap iron shredder

    Scrap iron shredder

  • Paint bucket shredder

    Paint bucket shredder

  • Waste car crusher

    How much is a used car crusher?

Metal shredder waste tire shredder tire shredder wood shredder wood shredder equipment

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