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Leather shredder

Release time: 2017/8/2 9:11:32
Leather shredder is an emerging equipment for solid waste recycling. Relying on the advantages of the developed machinery industry in the Central Plains, shredders have developed rapidly in Henan. Shredders are advanced foreign crushing and crushing equipment. Most of the domestic shredders are manufactured by foreign technology. Now Henan The increase of shredder equipment manufacturers in the region has greatly helped the control of the domestic shredder market, which can make the price of shredder equipment more affordable and affordable, and allow more users to use foreign advanced crushing equipment technology. Shredder equipment can shred many materials that cannot be crushed directly, which is not comparable to other fast crusher equipment.
Leather shredder
The leather shredder is a research and practice of Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery after many years of research and improvement. According to the actual situation in China, it has developed and developed a series of shredders with mature technology and advanced design. It embodies the superiority of low-speed and large-torque shear design. It can reduce the size of the material, the thickness of the cutter and the number of jaws by cutting, tearing and squeezing. It can be replaced according to different materials. When crushing hollow materials, it can be equipped with a press device to increase output. Low speed operation, noise and dust can reach higher environmental standards.
Waste leather shredder equipment
It is suitable for crushing all kinds of waste clothes, waste cloth, waste leather, cowhide, fiber, old shoes, carpets, quilt clothing, and various waste living and office supplies.
1: Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.
2: The frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, and is very strong.
3: Tool thickness and number of jaws can be changed according to different materials
4: The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, and dust can meet environmental protection standards.
5: Thick and heavy knives with high crushing efficiency. All the knives are cast with alloy steel and have a long service life.
6: Adopt microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
  • 双轴撕碎机

    Twin shaft shredder

    Double-shaft shredder, also known as double-shaft shredder or shearing machine shredder, uses a microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, which has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. , Extra thick and fragile materials.
    Price of twin shaft shredder: 7500-980,000 yuan
  • 金属撕碎机

    Metal shredder

    Large-scale metal shredder equipment specializes in shredding metal buckets, color steel plates, scrap steel and scrap iron crushing, cans shredding, shredding metal pipes, and shredding of used home appliances. After shredding, it is easy to transport and recycle.
    Metal shredder price: 9500-80000 yuan
  • 塑料撕碎机

    Plastic shredder small shredder equipment

    Plastic shredder is also called plastic shredder or plastic shredder. It is an environmental protection equipment for plastic recycling machinery. It is used to shred high-density polyethylene HDPE plastic products and materials.
    Price of plastic shredder: 9300-98000 yuan
  • 轮胎撕碎机

    Tire shredder

    The tire shredder manufacturer is specially designed for shredding and recycling of used tires, which is convenient for transportation and greatly reduces the recycling cost. It is a professional waste tire processing equipment. Can be used to scrap various automobile tires, rubber tires, rubber products, etc., very convenient and efficient.
    Tire shredder price: 8000-98000 yuan
  • 木材撕碎机

    Wood shredder [wood shredder]

    Wood shredder equipment is a new type of wood crushing equipment developed according to the status of wood recycling. The main raw materials for shredding are miscellaneous wood, scraps, solid wood, wooden pallets, tree techniques, waste wood, and can also be used to shred irregular wood and furniture. Wood shredder video
    Price of wood shredder: 7500-85600 yuan
  • 单轴撕碎机

    Single shaft shredder

    The single-shaft shredder uses close-packed small blade knife rollers, and is equipped with a hydraulic pushing box, a forced blanking plate and other mechanisms. Product parameters
  • Scrap iron shredder

    Scrap iron shredder

  • Paint bucket shredder

    Paint bucket shredder

  • Waste car crusher

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