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Vertical calcium powder machine

Gray calcium machine vertical calcium powder machine

Shuguang vertical calcium powder machine The vertical particle size of the vertical calcium powder machine is as coarse as 30 meshes and as fine as 425 meshes. It adopts stacked multi-stage seals and has good sealing performance. It is mainly suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines and other mines. Crushing of product materials. The upper end of the host is equipped with an analyzer. The speed of the analyzer is finer when the speed is high, the thickness is coarser when the speed is low, and the finer is coarser without the analyzer.

Product introduction of vertical calcium powder machine

Sugon vertical calcium powder machine fineness analyzer, the impurity separator is easy to adjust; the Mohs hardness of the raw material is less than 3, the particle size of the vertical calcium powder machine can be as coarse as 30 mesh, finest as 425 mesh, and some materials are the most The fineness can reach 1000 meshes; the vertical calcium powder machine's main shaft device adopts stacked multi-stage seal, which has good sealing performance; the dust removal effect during the whole production process meets emission standards.
Mainly suitable for crushing and processing of mineral materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines, etc. It can crush slaked lime, bentonite, clay, graphite, iron oxide, gypsum, activated carbon, rare earth and other non-flammable and explosive materials with humidity less than 6%. Smash.

Working principle

After the material is fed at the upper end of the host, it is crushed and pulverized to the fineness by the crushing chamber. The fineness is driven by the airflow into the finished powder collecting and discharging device, and the wind is taken out by the induced fan and then enters the main device. discharge. The upper end of the fan is equipped with a valve that can adjust the air volume. In this way, the air volume is small and the fineness is high. In addition, the main unit is equipped with an analyzer. The high speed of the analyzer is fine, and the low speed is coarse. Degree is thicker.

Third, the technical parameters

型号 model

80 Type 80

100 100 type

125 125 type

150 Type 150

主机电机功率kw Host motor power ( kw)

22 twenty two

30 30

37 37

45 45

风机电机功率kw Fan motor power kw

11 11

15 15

22 twenty two

30 30

分析机电机功率kw Analyzer motor power kw

2.2 2.2

2.2 2.2

5.5 5.5

7.5 7.5

出料粒度(目) Output granularity (mesh)

60–400 60--400

60–400 60--400

60–400 60--400

60–400 60--400

产量( T Yield ( T )

2–4 2–4

3.5-7 3.5-7

5-10 5-10

7-15 7-15


轴承 Bearing

油封 Oil seal

三角带 Triangle belt

主机 Host

8216กม1 8216 กม 1

90กม110กม12 90 กม 110 กม 12

C2200กม4 C2200 กม 4

316กม1 316 กม 1

3616กม1 3616 กม 1

风机 Fan

310กม3 310 กม 3

50กม70กม12 50 กม 70 กม 12

B1850กม4 B1850 กม 4

分析机 Analyzer

205กม1 205 กม 1

30กม50กม10 30 กม 50 กม 10

A170กม1 A170 กม 1

36205กม1 36205 กม 1


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