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Large shredder

Large shredder

Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery Factory specializes in the production of shredders, metal shredders, shredder manufacturers, shredder equipment, large shredders and other equipment. Suitable for all kinds of cans, plastics, scrap metal, waste tires and metals.

Product Introduction of Large Shredder

Shredder Introduction:

Shredders (also known as large shredders, twin-shaft shredders, wood shredders, etc.) are shredded large pieces of material that are not convenient for packaging and transportation by shredding into various sizes of materials that meet requirements. Shredder is often used in plastic recycling industry, metal material crushing industry, PE plastic pipe shredding industry, etc.

Working principle

The main applications of large shredders:

1. Scrap metal: such as car shells, bicycles, motorcycles, aluminum alloys, color steel tiles, and steel plates with a thickness of more than 5cm.
2. Waste electrical appliances: refrigerators, televisions, computers, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.
3. Waste tires: automobile tires, small vehicle tires, etc.
4, waste wood: building templates, wooden pallets, tree roots, stumps, furniture wardrobes, cabinets, beds, industrial scraps of building templates, etc.
5. Waste plastic: plastic bags, woven bags, PE pipes, PVC pipes, etc.
6. Waste containers: cans, paint buckets, fuel tanks, packaging drums, beverage cans, etc.
7. Waste garbage: domestic waste, hotel kitchen waste, medical waste, animal carcasses, crop straws, garden pruning waste, etc.

Third, the technical parameters

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