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Tire shredder

Tire shredder

Zhengzhou Shuguang tire shredder uses high-hardness wear-resistant alloy electrode surfacing blade edge, long service life, can be repaired and re-sharpened, and uses cycloid pin wheel reducer, which has large load capacity, high efficiency, low noise, Small size, light weight, long life and other advantages, suitable for all types of waste rubber products such as car tires, truck tires.

Product introduction of tire shredder

Zhengzhou Shuguang Tire Shredder

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the advantages of large carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, small size, light weight and long service life.
It adopts microcomputer automatic control, and has start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
High-hardness wear-resistant alloy electrode surfacing blade edge, long service life, can be repaired repeatedly.
High degree of automation and high production efficiency enable users to use large diameter tires economically and effectively.
The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, and dust can meet environmental protection standards.
Suitable for all kinds of waste rubber products such as car tires and truck tires.
Tire Shredder Product Introduction:
Tire shredders have various appearances, and each manufacturer's appearance design has its own characteristics, but according to actual production needs and specific shredding requirements, the internal cutter rollers of the tire shredder are basically divided into four types , Respectively: single-shaft knife roll, double-shaft knife roll, four-shaft knife roll, coarse crushing knife roll. Therefore, we can divide the tire shredders into four categories: single-shaft tire shredders, twin-shaft tire shredders, four-shaft tire shredders, and coarse tire shredders.

Working principle

The motor drives the cutter head in the crushing chamber to rotate through the transmission system, and then feeds the worn tires into the hopper of the device with a conveyor. After entering the crushing chamber, the cutter wheel crushes the tire in a shearing and tearing manner. During the crushing process, qualified materials leak from the circular screen, and unqualified materials are returned to the crushing chamber through the circular screen to be crushed cyclically until they meet the requirements and are discharged from the shredder.

Third, the tire crusher video

Fourth, technical parameters

Technical parameters of tire shredder:
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