Dawn Shredder Equipment Gradually Opens Overseas Markets

With the country's strong support for the environmental protection industry, the shredder has gradually become a new demand growth point, and it is also a device with great sales potential in the market. Although the structure of the shredder is simple, its price is relatively high compared with the Raymond mill, because the shredder mainly depends on the shearing knife, and the material of the shearing knife is very careful when selecting. The general material shredder cannot complete the performance in various aspects of the material.
In addition to the development of the domestic market, Sugon Heavy Industries also values the international market and actively develops overseas markets. Not long ago, customers in Malaysia communicated with our foreign trade clerks through the Alibaba platform. They mainly saw our tire shredders. It is used to shred rubber products such as used tires. At the beginning, it only sent some technical information. Customers could not intuitively feel the effect of shredders of shredders, so we sent some videos of shredded tires by email. The customer intuitively felt the effect of shredding the used tires. After looking at it, the customer was very satisfied, and finally decided to purchase a shredder device with a cutting knife of 200 * 20 model SX-600.
In the global economic downturn, we need to strengthen overseas exchanges and cooperation, strengthen overseas market development, promote technological progress of shredder equipment, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of shredder equipment in the international market!

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