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How much is a construction waste shredder and how much is its production capacity

Release time: 2019/4/2 9:12:15
Nowadays, with the fierce construction industry, while promoting the rapid economic development, it also brings some harm-construction waste. Construction waste can be said to be a “misplaced resource”. Now the basic method of landfilling not only causes waste of resources, but also easily pollutes land resources and water resources. In response to this situation, Zhengzhou Shuguang machine crusher professional manufacturer has introduced a new type of construction waste crusher, which can effectively powder construction waste and has high application value.
Users who are concerned about the disposal of construction waste will ask a series of questions such as "how much is your new type of construction waste, how much output value can you achieve, and how good is it?" For answers to these questions, please read on.
First, the price of construction waste powder machine
How much is a construction waste powder machine? There is no specific value for this. After all, the prices given by different manufacturers are different. Compared with the traditional stationary crusher equipment, the price of mobile construction waste powder crusher is slightly more expensive. This is inseparable from the manpower, material resources and financial resources invested in the early production process. However, one thing is certain, compared with most manufacturers, the price of construction waste crusher given by Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery is reasonable and reasonable for the following reasons:
1. Shuguang Machinery is a direct-selling manufacturer. It sells and manufactures itself, without intermediaries. The construction waste prices given are all ex-factory prices.
2. Shuguang Machinery attaches great importance to the quality of the equipment and has invested a lot of energy in the construction waste shredder technology, ensuring the high-quality performance and super "combat power" of the equipment. The construction waste shredder is cost-effective and has a short recovery cycle.
2. How about the production capacity of construction waste crusher?
The construction waste crusher is not only convenient to move, but also highly adaptable, and its production capacity is not inferior. The construction waste crusher can process 85-650t of material per hour.
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