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How much is a used car crusher?

Release time: 2018/9/30 15:36:34
Waste car crusher is also called large-scale metal crusher equipment. It specializes in crushing large-scale crushed objects such as used car compartments, automobile cabs, motorcycles, and bicycles. The car cabin crusher is inlaid with high-manganese steel linings and externally added stirrups, making the whole machine strong and durable. The fixed knife is S-shaped fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the casing, it plays the role of forced feeding and forced shredding. The moving knife is a vertical head. After the material is torn by the fixed knife, the particles will be formed smaller than the screen during the beating process with the rotation of the turntable, and then filtered into the discharge port through the screen.
Waste car crusher
In the process of production and sales for many years, we have received a lot of valuable opinions from users. One of the most reflected problems is the return of car crushers. Good to say, better to do better. Jiepu Environmental insists that there is no best, only better, and serve all those who are engaged in the waste metal recycling industry wholeheartedly. To produce a car crusher, the material must be selected for thousands of miles, and the design must be optimized. Each produced car crusher must be inspected by an engineer, and at least 2 test machine acceptances must be performed before it can be submitted to the user. .
Disposal of used automobiles is an energy-saving and emission reduction project that the state has focused on and strongly supported. Scrap crushers are the key equipment for processing scrap steel. With the continuous increase of scrap resources, scrap crushers have a good application development prospect. Scrap crusher is a kind of crushing machine used to produce scrap steel crushing materials, mainly used for scrapping cars, scrapping household appliances and light and thin scrap steel.
Device Configuration:
One used car crusher, one production line, one magnetic separation device, one conveyor, one motor.
Performance characteristics
1.Integral knife box
It guarantees high mechanical strength and processing accuracy, prolongs the service life of the equipment and saves maintenance costs.
2, fixed knife independent removable technology
Each fixed knife can be disassembled and installed independently, and can be quickly disassembled in a short time, which greatly reduces the workload of workers and improves production continuity.
3.Intelligent features
GEP intelligent technology is adopted to realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, and abnormal alarm, and an intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects is designed to reduce maintenance costs and failure risks and ensure long-term healthy operation of the equipment.
4.Unique anti-loose technology
The unique anti-loose technology is used to avoid equipment failure caused by loose bolts.
5. European imported knives with long service life
The raw materials of the cutter are imported materials with long service life; at the same time, they have good interchangeability.
6.The spindle has good anti-fatigue and impact resistance
The main shaft is made of special material. After repeated heat treatment and high-precision processing, it has good mechanical strength, strong resistance to fatigue and impact, and long service life.
7.Imported bearings and multiple combined seals
High load resistance, long life, dust-proof, water-proof and anti-fouling ensure continuous and stable operation of the machine.
8.PLC touch screen control cabinet
Using Siemens PLC touch screen control cabinet, equipped with high-end electrical components, good stability and easy operation.
Applicable materials:
Iron and steel, light and thin materials, cast iron, thin iron, scrap steel, scrap metal, scrap iron, pig iron, iron sheet, thin iron and other scrap metal steel crushers not only improve production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expand the scope of application
Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery has always been at the forefront of the industry for used car crushers. Please contact us for more detailed product information. We can recommend choosing the right model and integrating the solution that best meets production needs. Allow customers to obtain cost-effective equipment products or production lines while controlling the investment as much as possible.
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